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    I've had a problem of late where Media Sync on the Mac will sync all the songs, but then just sit there saying "Updating Device" until the cows come home. Then, if I click on Cancel, it sits there saying "Canceling Sync..." until I just kill the thing.

    Has anybody else seen this? Is it a known issue? My searches didn't find anything about it.
    01-25-09 04:09 AM
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    Windows users have reported lots of problems with Media Sync. I have managed to (gulp !) sync my iPOD music located on my Windows Vista Business box onto my Storm.

    I NEVER have problems with ANY of my Windows installations. (Well, perhaps I exaggerate a bit.) I thought I had heard that the same is true of THE MAC, no ? Unbelievable ! I think we should add a couple of billion $ from one of the new stimulus packages to deal with this problem !

    Doctor Neutron
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    01-25-09 11:50 AM
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    I'm sure we could get a few billion bucks to improve Media Sync is RIM wasn't a Canadian company. ;-)
    01-26-09 12:36 AM