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    I would like to have an iPhone and a BlackBerry -- I presently have a Bold 9700 and I'm going to put an iPhone on my family plan. I am planning on using MobileMe to sync with the desktop and laptop computers. I'm presently using the BlackBerry 16GB USB mass storage as a master database and am wondering what the best method is to keep everything in sync (primarily data -- word docs, excel docs, text files, zip files, pdf files, tiff files, etc.). Some suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    10-10-10 04:31 PM
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    I would recommend using Dropbox, there is an App for both devices!
    10-12-10 10:58 AM
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    Okay, here is where I am at -- could you guys / gals please let me know if this system makes any sense. Dropbox and Encore Dropbox lets me sync two (2) identical folders to one DropBox account. I want two (2) toys for work and play, namely the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the iPhone 4. There is program that lets me mount the iPhone in the Finder of Mac without jail-breaking, and I can choose to mount any application directory. I would like to have a current database on each hand-held device without paying huge transfer data fees. I can set up dropbox to use the BlackBerry mass storage device, and encore dropbox to use the iPhone directory of my choice (I am thinking either OneDisk or Documents to Go as the master location). When I want to use any computer, I just plug in either or both toys and away I go -- the computer (desktop or laptop) will access either hand-held device by USB cable. And tomorrow (10/20/10), Steve Jobs will announce my 11.6" MacBook Air with an 8-hour battery life (or so rumor would have it). Is there a better system to have current databases on both hand-held devices so that I am not dependent upon downloading and uploading to the cloud each time I want to access a file from my master database?
    10-19-10 10:03 PM