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    Hi, I am in a business where i need to tether with a Macbook running OSX 10.4, in part, to send real-time audio to radio and television stations when on the road and no wi-fi is handy.

    I have Sprint SERO plan with an old Sanyo 9000 phone. SprintUsers
    forums pointed me to an HTC TP2 as the 'best' phone to tether with a Mac.

    I picked one up and am not liking it...it's cool and stuff, but major overkill,
    and too Windows-Like for me to deal with. It was recommended together with the 3rd-party 'usbmodem' interface for tether because it gives me a "public IP" similar to a data card - vs. a 'wifirouter' app which my audio app. can't work with because routers create a port-mapping issue - hence cable-connection for a single-device is ideal.

    I now learn that it's very complicated (for me anyway) to get the 'usbmodem' app configured between a WinMo phone and a Mac....and that a BB may be easier/more Mac-Friendly than WinMo. (Palm was also mentioned).

    If i go with a BB, is it pretty easy to configure and tether on Sprint - and...would i have the benefit of the full EvDO Rev.A speed of the Sprint network? Optimum possible UPload speed is pretty important for my purposes. If the BB will do the trick - and is less complicated than a TP2, I'm down with it and will pay the extra $10/month for BIS on Sprint.

    I don't care about touchscreens or features i simply will never use - mainly ease of connectivity and set-up with least learning-curve required.

    Any advice hugely appreciated,


    07-14-10 04:54 PM