1. nengard's Avatar
    I have just purchased the Blackberry Storm and have read through a lot of posts here - most people have a problem syncing their Mac with their Blackberry. My problem is that I can't even get my Mac to see that the Blackberry is plugged in via USB - or connected via Bluetooth (which the Blackberry says it is).

    I just want to move some pictures onto the Blackberry - and maybe some music. I don't need to sync because all of my emails and calendars and such are online - not on my computer.

    Any tips?

    Here's what I have done:

    I have installed PocketMac - but when I open it it doesn't say the Blackberry is connected and I have changed the connection back and forth from the Serial that was assigned to it via Bluetooth and USB.
    06-04-09 11:30 AM
  2. skwij's Avatar
    Do you have an SD card, first of all? If so, format it on the Berry, then enable Mass Storage Mode, then plug it into the Mac. You should then see a generic SD drive on the desktop, with subfolders within.

    Drag and drop to your heart's content.

    No need for PocketMac to do what you're wanting to do.

    Oh, and do a battery pull on the Berry and try plugging it in again! *battery pull= remove battery while phone is ON, the put back in*
    06-04-09 08:19 PM
  3. nengard's Avatar
    Thank you so very very much!! You rock - and it works
    06-05-09 09:16 AM