1. marioestrada's Avatar

    I've installed the latest Desktop Manager and have always been up to date with it. I've never been able to mac DM recognize my BB or any other BB when I connect them via USB. The devices get mounted on the desktop as USB drives but the desktop manager never detect them, as I said this has always been the case and I've kept updating the BBDM expecting that someday it will work but it never does.

    I've uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled the Desktop Manager an infinite number of times and it has never really helped. My OS X machine has been updated from Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion and I've always updated the OS and I don't know if something I installed a long time ago is preventing the Desktop Manager from working. I have an aluminum MacBook, before they added the Pro.

    Any ideas how I can make it work? I've searched for ages for a solution but nothing really worked. One of these days I'll give up but this is one of my last tries for help.

    07-28-11 12:08 PM