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    I have an unlocked 8320(v4.5.0.81) and a macbook (leopard). I tried syncing it with pocketmac and each time i got an error which said something about skipping. I've tried reinstalling pocketmac (without restarting) and running the update (then restarting), still doesn't fix the problem.

    I also tried removing the update drivers from extension folder and then reinstalling them, still didn't work. Then i tried using Blackberry media sync when I realised my computer is not recognizing my 8320! When i connect it to my macbook it charges for about 2 seconds then stops. It doesn't show up as a disk or anything.

    Please help me, i've been trying really hard and i just can't get anywhere. I need help.

    (sorry if you've already posted a solution to this, i tried searching the forums as well.. i gotta get sleep now.. work in the morning)
    07-13-09 01:26 AM