07-08-12 07:38 PM
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  1. dmcrabby's Avatar
    I like my new BB love my mac but hate the syncing...for ical...it sometimes takes my ical, puts on BB then deletes ICal...is there a way around all this? sync to another program and then have BB sync to that?

    04-29-10 01:34 AM
  2. mattp13's Avatar
    Yeah gotta love having a mac expect you can't play alot of games on it but o well
    05-05-10 03:09 PM
  3. toostroked's Avatar
    I have an I-Mac and I'm a little embarrassed that I don't know how to make the little apple icon.
    05-06-10 01:50 PM
  4. grahamf's Avatar
     -> option + shift + "K"
    for even more fun hit option+command+shift+Q :P
    05-06-10 04:34 PM
  5. toostroked's Avatar
     ooook
    05-07-10 09:04 AM
  6. toostroked's Avatar
    for even more fun hit option+command+shift+Q
    that was fun. lol
    05-07-10 09:08 AM
  7. grahamf's Avatar
    05-07-10 11:23 AM
  8. ragnarokx's Avatar
    I there was a CB awards I would nominate this thread for longest running relevant thread of this decade
    05-07-10 01:20 PM
  9. dolce616's Avatar
    I have an almost 1 yr old Imac, running Mac os. 10.5.8, 4 GB and a 2.93 GHZ processor.

    As much as i LOVE my mac, and own just about everything by them, except an iphone, I am now, for this very reason feeling cursed for owning a mac, not a pc! I really had my heart set on the new blackberry bold 9650! Now, I feel confused and unsure if I should buy one after reading all of these issues people have. Is it necessary to have the desktop manager? I could Careless about; syncing contacts, calendar info and music onto the blackberry. I just mainly want it to upgrade the OS, which seems like that in itself is every couple of yrs, and I know OS 6 will be out this year. The only things I care to "tweak" would be; the themes or being able to have the possibility of adding pictures. I've always wanted a BB for some reason,and a few months ago I looked @ the new phones and wasn't impressed. They seemed somewhat confusing, even though I can usually figure out a phone w/out using the manual in no time. Then came the blackberry- I picked it up, knew where everything was- It was self explanatory!

    I just don't want to get all excited about this phone, go out and buy it, and then come home to find it's a paper weight all because, it doesn't work properly with a mac. Even though it has a desktop manager intended for mac users.

    Any suggestions before May 27th would be appreciated!
    05-09-10 09:18 AM
  10. grahamf's Avatar
    As long as you're fine about running the OS release that your carrier offers, Desktop Manager for Mac should work perfectly fine for you.
    That's all I use (Except I use gmail sync for contacts) and I've never had a problem
    05-09-10 12:06 PM
  11. Mikey_D's Avatar
    Purchased my first Mac in August of '09. For school purposes.

     Macbook Pro 13" - 2.26ghz.
     Running on Snow Leopard 10.6.3 I believe
    Upgraded my ram to 4gb.
    05-13-10 11:58 AM
  12. tavella's Avatar
    Mid-2009 MBP 17" 2.8ghz running 10.6.3 upgraded to 8GB ram and 500gb 7200rpm HD with a Blackberry 9700. I use DM to backup the phone and Win 7/Bootcamp or XP/VMWare to upgrade. Sometimes VMware doesn't work well. It doesn't work at all for a 9630....
    05-16-10 12:15 AM
  13. edh2860's Avatar
    I got a MAcBook Air 2.16Ghz, an iPhone 3GS, an ipod 80G. I synch my BB 9700 OS via DM v. 1.0.3. Just can't upgrade OS via Mac. Its always been through a PC.Love it though!
    Last edited by edh2860; 05-16-10 at 02:46 AM.
    05-16-10 02:37 AM
  14. surrealsounds's Avatar
    Mac User since 2004 w/ my first iBook (now a aging 1st Gen MacBook), MacBerry user since getting my MacBook Pro w/ 2.53 Core2 Duo and 4GB Ram, still rocking 10.5.8 (gonna make that Snow Leopard leap soon), and my Storm 9530 (Now a Storm2) back in January of last year. I love the combo, but yes, upgrading the OS is pretty much non-existent, but I have Boot Camp on the old Mac, so it's possible for me.

    Probably gonna keep being a MacBerry user at this point. Everything runs SO much smoother.

    05-18-10 12:34 PM
  15. Kayotic's Avatar
    love my macbook pro and both my blackberrys!
    06-01-10 06:31 AM
  16. Nic Allen's Avatar
    Macbook Pro and a blackberry Tour over here.
    06-01-10 01:50 PM
  17. iPhone4iPad's Avatar
    06-02-10 11:12 AM
  18. shwy's Avatar
     I got a 13" MacBook Pro on March 20 and am totally addicted. Never again will I buy another PC. I love how tiny and light this is! 
    06-09-10 03:43 PM
  19. Hollia's Avatar
    I'm a mac user and abuser - and proud of it!!!! If I mention (in casual conversation) that I own a mac I get eye rolling responses and, "oh yeah, you're a mac user...ladee-daa" while they stick their noses up in the air as if in mocking imitation of me. I don't get it..I'm not a snob about it, just proud!
    06-10-10 06:48 PM
  20. Generik777#CB's Avatar
    I love my MacbookPro
    06-27-10 01:30 PM
  21. burtonrider97#AC's Avatar
    i use a black macbook running snow leopard and have windows 7 on it for blackbberry stuff... love my mac sooo much..
    07-01-10 06:44 PM
  22. Stereo Pair's Avatar
    anyone out there with the new OS direct from BB? RIM is not allowing non-PC's to download it.

    T-mo is not supporting it - probably want us all to upgrade our phones. 
    macbook 2Ghz 2G RAM very large HD
    07-03-10 06:21 PM
  23. jrzflyboy's Avatar
    macbook pro 13 and BB Bold 9700  T-Mob network.
    07-07-10 10:16 PM
  24. buckwheat416's Avatar
    running a mac book pro here and loving it just added windows so that there would be no more problems syncing with the blackberry
    07-08-10 01:06 PM
  25. HisNameIsOpenSource's Avatar
    macbook pro core i7... still waiting for that integrated graphics chip patch, so simple apps like msn and twitter don't activate it.
    07-21-10 03:49 PM
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