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    Well, after two months of trying to type on the iPhone, waiting for full html emails to download, recharging the battery every day, no speed or voice dialing, and the fear that I would drop the iPhone and have to immediately buy a new one, I'm finally back on blackberry.

    I had great anticipation of the iPhone being the perfect match for a Mac user, which it is in terms of syncing through mobileme, however, I was left wanting on many things on the actual device.

    I've got a red Curve 8330 on Bell.

    Although I do miss many things about the iPhone, its simply not a business device, imho, especially when you're spending any time in your car in sales as I do. (I should add here that I didn't have push email, as my company isn't on Microsoft exchange, and due to the lack of ability to create aliases on mobileme, like blackberry internet service, that didn't work for me either)

    The lack of speed dialing / voice dialing is a serious driving hazard - as is the lack of any tactile feedback from the keyboard. However, the maps, ipod, and other apps are amazing.

    I'm using google calendar to sync my calendar and missing sync for my contacts, which has been working so far.
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    11-10-08 10:21 AM
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    im an old school mac freak and i agree with you 100%.

    its a very nice ipod. with a crappy phone built in and some very important things left out..

    the best thing i found about it was jailbreaking and even then i still had the same issues or more even! i think the storm is going to completely trample the iphone and ive never even owned a bb...

    guess ill find out in 5 days.
    11-17-08 12:29 PM