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    I searched crackberry and the web, but don't appear to find a solution to my problem. Here's my situation:

    bberry bold 8700
    v 5.0.593 (Bundle 1022, Platform
    MacBookPro 5,3
    Mac OSX 10.6.5
    Desktop Manager version 1.0.4

    I have 3 emails on my device:
    - personal gmail
    - work email (on Mac it's on Mail, not Entourage)
    - backup on gmail of my work email

    Now the problem is that I entirely depend on my Ical. When I sync BB with Mac MOST of the calendar entries in the BB calendar are double, or triple or eve, 4 times. PLUS there are lots of empty "New event".
    Considering that I hardly ever insert events directly on the BBerry, I am willing to eliminate entirely the sync option BBerry to Ical, and always only sync from Ical to BBerry.
    For a while, I checked the option in Desktop Manager "replace all events on this BBerry", but this stopped working: the triple entries etc keep being on the BBerry calendar.
    Oh, by the way, even the Address book on BBerry is all screwed up with double or triple entries, and refuses to just copy the Adress book on Mac, even though in this case I would need to be able to insert new contacts directly on the BBerry...

    Went in Advanced Options - Default Services - where I have:
    Calendar (CICAL) - the gmail backup from my work email
    Contact List - the gmail backup from my work email
    Messagging (CMIME) (don't even know what this is) - the gmail backup from my work email

    Maybe the problem is the Service book?
    There I have for some reason all 3 emails in both CICAL and CMIME, plus the the gmail backup from my work emailis also in SYNC. In addition to that I have a whole wealth of other entries in BBIM, BBIM Config, YHO, LbsConfig, KEYNEGO, WPTCP, MMS etc.

    Could somebody please please please please please HELP ME?????

    Best and thanks
    11-21-10 05:39 AM
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    This should be in the Mac Users subsection as you'll have better chances of getting help.

    I'm a pc user and would suggest managing your blackberry from a virtual machine running windows xp within it, but you have other options also. Virtualbox is free.

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    11-21-10 03:27 PM
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    Thank you very much Rootbrian, I did that! Hope for the best...

    11-21-10 04:32 PM