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    pretty lousy when you post INTELLIGENT question on blackberryforums.com, get viewed 60 times and no replies! am new to BB and this forum. have powerbook G4, 10.3.9. am retired, and my only real need is the internet/email capability. done much research, read tons of posts and i seem to think the 8320 Curve is the best for me; more consumer, less bus. professional. have original Airport wireless card on my mac, so with wi-fi on the 8320 i could use as modem and would use the international capability when abroad. t-mobile seems best (for me) with $30 calling plan w/ $20 unlim. internet. don't need the other things with this BB, but like idea that i could use if i wanted to. t-mobile also has the 8120 and 8700..better or not for what i want? BTW, these offers are through wirefly.com. they seem good, any other suggestions? i AM also concerned with the connection issues regarding tethering to my mac, as i've been reading on the forum. is that a major problem? thanks for all help!
    05-19-08 07:59 AM
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    Maybe no one has answered because they aren't sure what you need.

    I have a macbook, and the Curve with Verizon. Your BB will go online without the use of your MAC. If you don't plan on using the other features, it doesn't really matter that you're a mac user - doesnt sound like you'll be synching it.

    I don't use the tethering option on my laptop so I can't speak on that one.

    For a consumer, I think the Pearl or the Curve would be best - just my 2 cents so you don't think we're ignoring you:-)!
    05-19-08 08:10 AM
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    not sure of your question but i second korettak...i have a pearl and love it and i'm definately more of a social user. As for using it abroad you would still need to add on a international plan*when traveling abroad*. Also with verizon i know you have to pay 15 bucks extra a month in order to tether as a modem. Might want to call TMo and see if they have any extra fees for tethering.

    As for Macs and BB, generally they don't get along very well. I use pocketmac to sync my ICal, and a USB reader to add ringtones, videos and pictures. If you have a Windows based computer, you can use desktop manager to remove the applications you dont need - with PocketMac there is no option to do this.

    I see that you are running 10.3. According to the PocketMac site, they only are compatible with Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5). I'm not sure what options would be available for you to sync if that is something you might be interested in doing

    Hope that helps a little.
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    05-19-08 11:41 AM