1. Crackberry8800's Avatar
    This I am sure has been asked MANY times. I am a MAC user and I don't run the parallels program, therefore I have no access to WINDOWS. I am interested in updating my 8900 software as I using the out of box .114! - Is their absolutely no way to update software from the MAC?

    05-05-09 08:30 AM
  2. LDubs's Avatar
    yes, this has been asked MANY times. In fact you would have been better off searching the MAC forum here at cb.

    That being said, you're correct, there is currently no way to update your OS with a Mac. options:

    1. use a PC at work (like I do)

    2. borrow a friend's PC

    3. get a cheapie PC

    4. run parallels, bootcamp, vm fusion, etc and get a cheap copy of windows.
    05-05-09 08:36 AM
  3. Crackberry8800's Avatar
    Okay thank you. I just realized I could use my roommates PC. Another quick question though. How do I know which OS to upgrade to? I have read the forums on the new .231 and have read a bit on .119...but i am not really sure of any difference between the two and which I should update to.

    Any advice?
    05-05-09 08:44 AM