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    Quick background on me... first gen iPhone user; long-time Mac user; moved to Montana and had to switch to Verizon, became a BB Storm user (hated the Storm 1); using just a texting-capable phone now with Verizon.

    I am an iPhone fan--the integration and syncing power with a Mac is awesome (and I'm a Mac guy). However, I'm still not quite sure I want to jump back in bed with AT&T.

    I am impressed with Sprint's pricing with a Blackberry (beats everyone's unlimited data/texting packages by quite a bit), and am seriously trying to talk myself into forgoing the next iPhone (waiting until LTE is fully implemented by the "big 2") and getting a 9650 with Sprint.

    Here's what I do with a smartphone:

    1) Sync all of my contacts from Apple's Address Book (without the weird syncing crap I experience with my 1st gen Storm). I have multiple contacts that have multiple work/fax/home/cell numbers, email addresses, etc. This stuff NEVER sync'ed properly with my old Storm, no matter what software I tried (Mark/Space, the free stuff from RIM, etc.).
    2) Sync all of my calendars from Apple's iCal.
    3) Check my MobileMe and Gmail (this always seemed to work quite well, so I'm not as concerned about this).
    4) Maybe sync some songs from iTunes, but I can live without this feature (I can get a refurb'ed iPod Touch to use in my truck).

    Now for the questions. How well will RIM's new Mac Desktop software handle syncing? I have quite a few contacts (couple hundred) and I don't care to have to "tweek" them all after syncing, whether it's on the BB or on my Mac.

    Also, how fast is the current official OS? I tried hacked OS versions on my Storm 1 to try to make it work nicely, but it still didn't help. I don't care to have to do that sorta' thing anyhow. Also, how is the web browser, and can I get a third-party browser if I don't like RIM's?

    I think this about covers it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can return to using a Blackberry, and have it be cheaper than getting an iPhone or staying with Verizon.

    Thanks very much in advance for everyone's input.
    05-27-10 05:15 PM
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    Sync with Desk Top manager is good just make sure if you are syncing Addressbook with Entourage for use with Word.Doc letters you turn that sync off first before you sync to your BB. It screws the sync up and causes many problems.

    I use the Bolt browser and love it. If you use Google Docs, download ver. 2.02 not 2.1. 2.1 does not allow you to edit docs. Don't know why the new version won't but I had to go back to the old.

    Browser speed is good and great if you are in a 4G area. If not, using wifi when possible will help.
    05-27-10 10:42 PM