1. AppStateAddict's Avatar
    Proud Mac and BlackBerry user here,

    My machine is a 12" G4 PowerBook @ 1.5 GHz and stock 512 megs of ram. I switched to Leopard a few months back to try and get more efficiency out of my Mac. After a few months of use I have come to realize that the difference in performance is negligible and I rarely use the new features. With that being said, I have become desperate to update the OS on my Storm, it's been nearly 2 months running .75 for me.

    I stumbled upon an emulator called Q which operates on the QEMU software framework which allows anyone running a G4 or G5 to run any x86 architecture OS such as Linux or Windows, if you're not familiar with it, check it out because it is pretty awesome. It is completely open source so I quickly downloaded and installed XP which took just at 12 hours!!!! By the time it finished I was so ready to put it through the paces and finally hook up my Storm. Well, suffice it to say, running XP was just as sluggish as the install. I finally installed BB Desktop Manager and the drivers to finally unearth the fact that the one thing Q cannot emulate is USB hardware so there is no way for me to sync my Storm unless going through that crazy roundabout Bluetooth syncing.

    So, I have come to my final option, and that is going back to Tiger, and installing Virtual PC 7. I would love to know if anybody out there is running VPC 7 to sync their BlackBerry and how easy it is. I'm beyond frustrated and I'm ready for the mysterious official desktop software from RIM for Mac users.

    I also have a second question. I expanded the .exe file for the latest OS in Windows. Is that still a Windows only file or could I drag that into OSx and install via PocketMac?
    02-15-09 10:31 PM
  2. cjlevinsk22's Avatar

    Unfortunately, the only way to apply updates to your Storm is through DesktopManager (Windows only). The PocketMac software doesn't have the functionality built into it.

    Since your on a PowerPC machine, BootCamp/Parallels is out of the question. I'm a Mac user here as well on a MacBook Pro, and have been using BootCamp to apply the updates.

    Short of getting one of the newer Intel Macs, your best bet will be to use a friends Windows box. Kind of stinks, but no other options at the moment!

    02-15-09 10:35 PM
  3. AppStateAddict's Avatar
    Well, once again there is Virtual PC 7 from Microsoft but it only runs on Tiger not Leopard. So, I would have to downgrade my OS, and I'm still not sure if that emulator is capable of emulating USB hardware. So, I'd love to hear from someone who is using VPC 7 to run Windows and sync their BB.
    02-15-09 10:45 PM
  4. aryanblue's Avatar
    The Storm is OTA capable just wait for the Public Release to come out.

    And get "Missing Sync" Software to sync Everything else to your mac.
    03-08-09 07:27 PM
  5. bb.storm.808's Avatar
    sorry, dude. no help from me. I'm running an intel imac; wish i could help...
    03-08-09 08:07 PM