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    I apologise if my searches have not turned up the obvious answers.

    I have a mac running snow leopard.

    No password manager will sync with a desktop that I can find that would be no better than an encrypted file or even one in plain sight. Is this true? By better I mean some way of getting the information without doing the same steps of finding file, password entry, copy, paste, close. Secure a manager may be but in daily use it will be a pain. I have seen Keepass but the mac version does not sync.

    The media card. I will never put music on it and was hoping pictures/video can be stored on it from the BB camera. Is that possible? If not is there a point to a media card? I don't want to put images in, I would like to be able to take over a gig of images and not worry.

    Would the above two be solved by using Parallels/Fusion and installing Windows?

    Does bluetooth send and receive work properly on Windows as it does not on the mac. "Device missing necessary services" is what I see on mac send.

    Is the mac crippled in some other way that I have yet to come across? This is not a blame thing or having a go at it, just wondering.

    Thanks for any info and sorry for hitting so many bases at once.
    03-16-10 07:43 AM