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    Greetings. New 8330 owner, 3 days. Mac Pro user.

    (Standard intro: I did some searching but did not find the answers though might not have searched sufficiently just getting desperate.)

    Installed Parallels. Installed XP. Installed Service Pack 1a. Installed Service Pack 3. Installed Palm Desktop. Synced Palm PDA. All the data is there. (Several restarts throughout this process.)

    Installed BlackBerry User Tools. Attach 8330 with USB cable. BB Desktop Manager does not see the 8330. The computer / Parallels / XP does see it. When open pull down menu "Devices / USB" it lists several installed USB devices including "RIM Composite Device". If I unplug the 8330, it does not show up in the list. Same with the Palm PDA.

    Am I a bonehead and doing / not doing something very simple & basic?

    After 3 long evenings I am getting desperate. My PDA touch screen is totally inoperative. All the data is there but can't add info.


    Any help is most appreciated. You can dope slap me if I deserve it.

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    08-14-08 05:01 PM
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    If the Device Manager is reporting RIM Compsite device, you are not using the latest Windows drivers for your Blackberry.

    Try and download the Curve OS software from your provider, and install into Windows. This will install the latest USB drivers, and should help recognize your device.

    Also Parallels has an additional software pack to install into Windows to help with USB and external devices. I cant remember the name of it. Ill look into it tonight and post more info.
    08-15-08 06:43 AM
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    Thanks for the input. I will give that a try this afternoon when I get home.

    The Parallels installation and Palm sync went so smooth I was for that to continue.

    Your help is most appreciated.

    Craig T.
    08-15-08 07:13 AM
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    Hi, I could never get parallels to work w/my curve 8330 and mbp. I use VMware fusion and it works like a charm!..Good luck in getting parallels try as craigtbone states..I never tried it that way with parallels. Good Luck!
    08-15-08 07:50 AM
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    I have gotten Parallels to work with my Blackberry, but it did take some tweaking and proding. VMWare is much more friendly with drivers using the VMTools. VM Tools is the driver kit for the sharing of the ports and Mac hardware resources.

    I work at a global company that is a Fortune 19 company. I do support the blackberry devices, deployments and installs. I have found that the Curves are the most problematic. This tends to be extremely picky with the drivers that are installed to the PC/Mac. If you do not have the most up-to-date drivers then the Curves just simply will not work, and Windows/Mac does not recognize them the way they should.

    My advice, just try and update all your drivers and you should be good. If you have questions on where to find the latest PC or Mac drivers please let me know. I can send links
    08-15-08 08:37 AM
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    Thanks for the tip. Seems like a lot of you use VM. I will play w/ Parallels a bit more. If I can't get it to work I will give VM a try. Means I waisted about $80 but I need to get this info transfered.

    Warning, Rant follows: so far I like the RIM hardware and software, just seems like I should not need to be a computer engineer to get it running. End Rant.

    Thanks all, will keep you up to date.


    xholmezx78, you posted just as I was replying. I will try your advice. Thanks so much. Long term though, it might be better just to switch to VM.
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    Well you can go out to VMware and download a trial or the new Beta v2.

    Parallels is a great program, but like I said, it does need quite a bit of tweaking to get it running.

    I personally hate running Windows on my Mac, but there are just somethings that are not 100% working flawlessly. Its just part of the whole growing process with Mac and the rest of the world
    08-15-08 08:44 AM
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    I downloaded and installed the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager from Verizon. Still will not see the Curve.

    I did not find any specific downloads for "drivers" from Verizon or Parallels. Are there specific driver files I should install? If so could you point me to them?

    Thanks for the help. CraigT
    08-15-08 05:41 PM
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    I was not able to make any progress with Parallels so I installed a copy of VMware Fusion. Installed XP & BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Same problem. Computer sees the Curve but Desktop Manager does not. This sure seems like it is just a simple setting somewhere. I am just not sure where to go from here. Tech support phone numbers seem to be a 20th century concept.

    Any thoughts, tips & suggestions are most appreciated.

    08-16-08 11:05 AM
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    Sorry about the serious delay in replying. Been very busy and haven't logged in. The software on VZW's site I was referring to is the OS software. If you download and install the Verizon OS 4.3.xxx to your computer, you can find the USB drivers in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Drivers
    My drivers are dated 05/2007, and work with my friends Curve and my 8830WE. Check the date on the drivers, and if they are the wrong date or older, let me know, and I will email you my drivers to test.
    PM me with your email address if needed.
    08-18-08 06:26 PM
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    Thanks for the help. I did download the latest from Verizon. Found "RimUsb" 5/31/2007, I presume this is the driver. Sorry for not being very sharp with compurters, what do I do with the driver?

    08-18-08 08:33 PM
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    Go to the device manager by Right Clicking on My Computer > Select the Hardware folder tab > Click on Device Manager. Then under USB Devices you should see one of the following, RIM Composite device, Blackberry, or USB Mass Storage. So what I would do is right click on the device, and select "Update driver" and point the utility to where you have the updated USB driver saved. This should update and reboot your WinXP virtual machine. When it restarts it should recognize your Blackberry with no problems.
    Let me know if you have any problems.
    08-19-08 06:12 PM
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    Thank you for your patient help. There were no devices under USB Devices with any of those names. There was however a Misc location with a device (can't remember the name, sigh) with a big question mark icon. Did a right click and mapped to the driver you mentioned. Restarted. Plugged in Curve and off it went syncing.

    Can't thank you enough!!! Now if it transfers all the data from my Palm...

    Craig T.
    08-19-08 07:13 PM
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    Hey man, no worries! I hope that everyone else will benefit from this as well. It is a simple task that just take some time if you just have some patients!

    You did the right thing with the ? icon. This just means that Windows was seeing the new device, but just didnt know what to do with it. Most of my computers at work see the device in the USB area, but i forgot the Parallels doesnt offer much for USB support, unless you actually get gritty and specify excatly what you have.

    Good luck with your Curve and enjoy!
    08-19-08 08:08 PM
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    You, sir, are the savior of the month! I searched for hours looking for a solution to the same problem: VMware detected my BB Curve, but Desktop Mgr did not. I updated the drivers and, yes (pumping fist in air) it works! This post should appear as the first hit for a Google search of the below keywords/phrases:
    "research in motion rim composite device" "desktop manager" sync

    Thank. You.
    04-13-09 09:48 PM