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    Long time Mac user, new to the BB 8130. Can't sync without cursing at home and can't sync at work so I'm about to do something I didn't want to have to do - I'm about to install Windows on my Mac . Can anyone tell me just how much size is needed for the partition? I'm only putting windows on for the desktop manager (tired of waiting for RIM to come up with Mac version). Any other helpful tips would be appreciated. This site is great!
    07-02-08 08:07 AM
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    You can do the minumum partition that Boot Camp allows and you would be fine... or drop $50 and get something a lot more useful (Parallels or VMWare fusion)!!

    IMO, Parallels or Fusion would be a lot more useful in your situation, because you are not going to want to reboot your Mac just to deal with your Berry!!

    Just get Fusion (or Parallels), create a VM of Windows XP... install Desktop Manager and enjoy!!

    I do the same thing because I got fed up with the sh*tty Mac support from RIM. And I refuse to use garbage software like Pocket Mac or to pay for Missing Sync (both of which do not allow full backups and restore or the ability to load a new OS on your device!! )

    The virtual machine also has the benefit of growing in size as needed. So you can specify the max size it can possibly take, but it will grow as needed.

    I am sick of waiting for RIM to release DM for OSX as well... and hopefully they will do that in the future, but this definitely suits my needs for now.

    Let me know if you have any questions!!
    07-02-08 08:13 AM
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    I'm glad you said I could ask questions cause I'm sure I'll have plenty! Which do you use (Fusion or Parallels) if you don't mind my asking? And, I don't have a windows install disk yet so would you recommend XP or Vista? I heard Vista's got alot of problems.
    07-02-08 08:21 AM
  4. bmcclure937's Avatar
    I personally like Fusion better than Parallels. I have actually had experience with BootCamp, Parallels and Fusion. Out of all three, I like Fusion the best!!

    You can get it off of Amazon, MacMall, etc. Directly from Apple would be more expensive... so I would avoid that. Directly from VMWare is not a bad idea though, but you can usually find better deals elsewhere!!

    As for the choice in OS to run through Fusion... it is personal opinion. I use Windows XP because it gets things done (nice and simple!). I am not using Windows as my primary OS by any stretch, so XP does just fine. XP is a nice, solid, reliable OS. Vista would be a better option if I was using Windows as my primary OS or if I used Windows for more than just DesktopManager!!

    I have had experience with both XP Virtual Machines as well as Vista Ultimate Virtual Machines and they both perform well. Depending on your Mac, Vista may be a little intense. With my Macbook Pro, everything worked amazingly!!

    But, as I said, this is all personal preference. I would highly recommend Fusion (and Parallels is good too)... but discourage Boot Camp, for the sole reason that you would have to reboot your machine every time you want to manage your Berry!!

    Let me know if that helps. And feel free to ask more questions as they pop up!
    07-02-08 08:30 AM
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    Let me know if that helps. And feel free to ask more questions as they pop up!
    You da man! I'll go with VMWare. Thanks.
    07-02-08 08:35 AM
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    VMWare is definetly the way to go. I had been using Parallels, but it refused to stay connected to my bb long enough to sync or install app. VMware works great everytime.

    If you do go the bootcamp way, I would set the disk size to at least 10gb. I tried the default 5gb and I had problems installing software as after the OS was on there, there wasn't much room to do anything else. By default I had like 600mb free. Most of the space was used by the windows swap file, not the OS install itself.

    But get VMware and you will be good to go.
    07-02-08 10:29 AM
  7. czeph's Avatar
    Let me know if that helps. And feel free to ask more questions as they pop up!
    I followed your advice and am using Fusion and its working like a champ but when I try to set up the configuration to sync calendars, contacts and whatnot, it only gives me the choices of ASCII Importer/Exporter, Yahoo or none. How do I get it to look at my iCal and Address Book (in Mac)?
    07-06-08 12:13 AM
  8. bmcclure937's Avatar
    You cannot directly Sync your Berry to your Mac files (such as address book and iCal). You need to use the Window's VM to do all of your syncing...

    This means you will need to use Outlook, or the likes, to sync that stuff...

    I mainly use Desktop Manager for Backup, Restore, Upgrading OS, etc. You can export your contacts and your calendar to Outlook.
    07-07-08 08:17 AM
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    Alright here's an alternate route...you dont even have to install windows through bootcamp, parallels, or VM fusion. Install darwine on your mac. this allows the mac to run windows applications. But darwine is kind of unstable so if that doesnt work crossover for mac definitely would. Crossover does the same but is a little more stable and support more apps. So you can use either of these programs to install DM on your mac and sync.
    08-12-08 09:59 PM
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    Here is what I do, I primarly use my Mac to sync my addressbook and calendar. I use Entourage for my addressbook/Email (Yahoo!) and iCal for my calendar entries. To do this I use PocketMac, cuz that is the only thing PocketMac is good for. Then if I need to backup or reinstall the OS or upgrade, install apps ect. I will boot up VMWare and run Windows XP. So I only run Windows unless I have to.
    08-13-08 05:57 AM
  11. jcozzitorto's Avatar
    What's also nice is that you can set up your Boot Camp partition and then also use it in Fusion. That way if you need to do something quick like sync your Berry you can do it with the VM, or if you need a little more speed you can just reboot into Boot Camp.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-13-08 09:39 AM
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    Appatite -

    Have you gotten BB desktop manager to work with Crossover or (what was the other one named?)

    I would rather use something like this than run Fusion or Boot Camp... although I really would prefer not having to pay for these options...

    08-17-08 09:26 PM