1. BrettPip's Avatar
    New to BB (Peal 8110) and just set up the email function today and it works (on the BB).
    However Im really struggling to sync my Mac lap top with my BB in real time! Once Ive read an email on my Mac laptop I would like it to be automatically read on the BB (i.e. in full synchronisation) and therefore not downloaded twice - once I've read the email on the Mac it's still remains UNREAD on the BB (as if they were working seperately - which seems to be the case).
    Ive just downloaded Missing Sync Mac to BB sync software (tried PocketMac but thought that was causing the problem) and they work well but only seems to sync up contacts, calendars etc (which is fine but I need email to sync!).

    I also use the USB lead plug into my lap top (directly - not into the keyboard) and BB but they still are not synced. Am I missing something very obvious?!!
    Please dont tell me I should have bought an iPhone..
    Can anyone PLEASE advise this is starting to drive me nuts!!!
    Plus I'm going abroad in two days and don't want to be charged mega bucks for email downloads straight to the Blackberry.
    Many thanks in advance!!
    12-17-08 05:40 PM
  2. mab4285's Avatar
    The only email that it will work this is yahoo. Also, syncing your phone will do nothing with the email. This is the nature of the beast with Blackberries.
    12-18-08 12:37 AM
  3. BrettPip's Avatar
    I didn't realise this. Will have to work out if I can forward my emails through to a yahoo account.
    12-18-08 04:20 AM
  4. mab4285's Avatar
    If you have an imap server, typically if you read an email on your blackberry, it will appear as read on your mac, but not vice versa.
    12-18-08 12:18 PM
  5. emendemon's Avatar
    BrettPip - were you able to figure this out? I've got the same problem with my BB Bold and Macbook.
    04-21-09 09:42 AM