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    I am using a Mac with the latest operating system.
    I updated the blackberry desktop manager and now the contacts on my phone are wiped out. luckily they are all still on my computer in the address book. but when i attempted to sync it with my blackberry i received this message "KB19454" on in the desktop manager. i looked on the official blackberry page and found no help.
    but this is what makes the problem even worst: when i manually enter a contact it adds the first contact i add 10 times and then any contact i add after that once. but when i delete the one that was there multiple times it deletes all the contacts.
    and one last thing there are still names and phone numbers in my recent calls list. so if i type john's name on the home screen his name and number comes up, but there is not a listing in the contacts. does anyone know what could possibly be the problem? thank you so much.
    also i have already tried to restore my phone to the back-up the desktop manager made pre-update it says it can sync everything except the address book because the address book is read only
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    I've seen similar problems on my mac with my Tour. For some reason the mac version of desktop manager seems to buggier then the windows counter part.
    03-04-11 04:42 PM