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    I'm definitely getting a .Mac account before it turns into mobileme (in preparation for the iPhone 3g) to utilize both @mac.com & @me.com addresses... So I was almost ready to buy it until someone told me they got it for $70 off amazon. I look it up and sure enough I saw the lowest @ $74.

    Now I'm thinking, there are other retailers... Bestbuy (no discounts as I'm a former employee, but Apple never gave discounts)

    Then I check out ebay... I saw some for $57 Buy It Now ... Are these legit? Or am I wasting my time? A lot of these are power sellers. Does apple track the keys and lock them down?

    Also if I purchase a key, can I use it to activate my existing trial so I don't lose my current username?
    06-15-08 12:13 AM
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    Wouldn't this thread be more suitable for a mac forum?
    06-15-08 05:40 PM
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    Is this section not for mac users?
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    06-15-08 10:52 PM
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    First, always use your best judgement and what you feel right about buying off the internet... so many people get scammed these days.

    I can tell you that Amazon is a very reliable seller and a lot of people get .Mac off of their site. (about 77 bucks free shipping from the Amazon store)

    Also, places like MacMall also sell .Mac for around 77 bucks with free shipping

    I would stay away from an eBay store on something like this... I know they can be really reliable, but consider if the deal on eBay is worth the risk of being screwed.

    If you save 5 bucks on eBay and end up without your item... then it is kinda worthless. Just my 2 cents

    As for being able to extend the trial version into full version by using the serial number, YES you can do that.
    06-16-08 07:36 AM
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    Hey Jayden! I wouldn't suggest EBay, ( or do it at your own risk) But i do know people who have bought .mac from amazon! They also sell applecare on there too and i have personally purchased applecare for my macbook with no problems from amazon. I would say go the Amazon route to be safe
    06-16-08 08:47 AM
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    I normally don't, but the seller is one I've done business with (POwerSeller) All the .Mac accounts he has sold has did not receive any negative feedback. For all his other products, he's received 6 in 6 months, which is pretty good.

    06-16-08 10:12 AM
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    That is understandable and there are a lot of reliable PowerSellers and eBay stores... I am not saying there are not.

    But what is the price difference?? It is your personal opinion on what you wanna do... and your choice. We are just giving our feedback and I tend to lean towards the cautious side. The eBay seller is probably fine, honestly... especially if you said you did business with them before and had a good experience.

    I tend to prefer Amazon and MacMall and NewEgg, etc...
    06-16-08 10:54 AM
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    I just looked at all of them... One question, would they email me the registration key so I could get started right away (within 24 hours) or I have to wait until I receive the package?
    06-16-08 10:10 PM
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    The serial number is in the package... so I would assume that they would not do that
    06-16-08 10:22 PM
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    Well, my slow self took too long. The .Mac accounts that were cheap are all sold out

    I'm looking at the three you suggested bm... so far amazon is winning. MacMall wants me to do a mail in rebate for the shipping... I'm not a M-I-B kind of guy.
    06-28-08 05:33 PM
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    most of the time the software versions are legit. Someone buys a MAC gets it for little to FREE and sells the subscription for profit. Happens all the time with free printers, monitors, software...etc.
    06-30-08 04:47 PM
  12. bmcclure937's Avatar
    most of the time the software versions are legit. Someone buys a MAC gets it for little to FREE and sells the subscription for profit. Happens all the time with free printers, monitors, software...etc.
    Okay... that really does not help the OP in any way, but thanks for letting them know your philosophy on why .Mac subscriptions are on eBay

    And, last time I checked, when you get a new Mac you do not get .Mac for free!! It still costs about $100. You can easily get it off of Amazon or MacMall for cheaper any day!!

    @OP: Did you ever end up purchasing it?
    07-01-08 08:33 AM
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    You can buy mine off me for $69 LOL! I am in the process of TRYING with great difficulty to close my dotmac account. The verification they want you to supply before closing is an absolute joke!! I have had the account 3 years now and they want the last 4 digits of the card I opened it with!!!I suppose they are looking to put as many people off closing the account as possible with this difficult process!!

    Still ongoing at the moment!! Great account etc etc etc and will prob be even better when mobile me launched BUT they want 70 to re-new!!! thats UK pounds not dollars!!


    Noooooooo thanks!!
    07-01-08 08:44 AM