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    Seems to me there are quite a few folks having difficulty with Address Book sync (I'm not talking Entourage at the moment). We'll take at shot at some things to try. Could you folks review the following and provide some feedback so we might write our own solution: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP SOLUTION BEFORE PROCEEDING. At least make an address book archive (File>Export>Address Book Archive)

    Also back-up your device and then completely clear your address book and address book cache.

    1. Have you ever used MS or PM previously?

    TRY: removing ALL previous sync software and DM, Repair Permissions, re-start computer and re-install DM.

    2. How are the preferences set-up on your Mac under Accounts, do you have any boxes checked? Under Sharing is it enabled? see screen shot 1

    TRY: Enabling Sync (for Mobile me users)

    TRY: Enabling Sharing see screen shot 2

    3. In iSync Preferences, is syncing enabled?

    TRY: Enabling iSync (if you use Mobile Me) see screen shot 3

    4. Have you ever reset the sync history?

    TRY: reset sync history

    No idea if any of these things will work, but it seems possible latent things could make syncing difficult. The order of doing things may or may not matter. Just trying to help.
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