1. Heckler's Avatar
    So I want to sync my Tour via Desktop Manager with my MacBook Pro but also have the iCal on my iMac kept up to date as well. I'm currently using Google sync to keep everything in order but it freezes up my BB during the sync process.

    It appears from the forums that DM may or may not sync subscribed calendars (i.e. google) but only from the computer to the device and not both ways.

    What's the best way to keep my iMac and MacBook Pro calendars up to date without paying for MobileMe or having Google sync on my device?

    Thanks for the suggestions...
    10-02-09 11:16 PM
  2. Statman's Avatar
    IMO, the best solution is mobileme, but you could try dropbox...installed on all of your macs (free for up to 2gb)...it works quite well....I use it for passwords.
    10-03-09 11:19 AM
  3. Heckler's Avatar
    Thanks Statman...
    10-03-09 03:56 PM