1. steiv's Avatar
    so i just got a new mac yesterday and i just switch from a 8100 to a 8310. i want a new theme and i dont have a data plan anymore, so i'm trying to how to get a new theme via my mac. can anyone help me out?
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    06-20-09 11:42 PM
  2. rob7100g's Avatar
    Pocket Mac is free and can install themes and apps. Some of the themes > here < have zipped desktop installation files.

    -- Robert.
    06-21-09 05:23 AM
  3. steiv's Avatar
    i got pocket mac. i dont know how to use it to install themes though. can someone tell me how? i tried to use it to sync my bb and laptop but it took forever and it didn't even finish. it got stuck at near the end.
    06-21-09 10:51 PM
  4. rob7100g's Avatar
    Connect your BB to the computer.
    Open Pocket Mac.
    Click the BlackBerry button.
    Go to the menu: Utilities > Install Software to Device.

    Pocket Mac is way slower at synching than Missing Sync. The initial sync with lots of detailed contacts (1000+) will take several minutes. If Pocket Mac is stalling past that then something is wrong and you'll need to trouble shoot it.

    -- Robert.
    06-22-09 04:28 AM
  5. KBV1's Avatar
    im also new to mac.. iv got a windows PC also so iv been using DM. Is pocketmac like DM but a mac version or is it completely differnt? Is there anything you can do on PocketMac but you can on DM?

    Im trying to download it from RIM site and everytime it has downloaded it says failed to mount disk.. any idea show to fix this problem or get it form somewhere else?

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    06-24-09 03:42 PM
  6. steiv's Avatar
    man, i give up. mac and blackberrys dont mix well.
    07-01-09 04:37 AM
  7. digitalb0y's Avatar
    Without a data plan, I agree. With data you can install things OTA and use Google to sync... there's STILL no way to update or edit the device software from a Mac without running Windows though. Parallels, VMWare, BootCamp (or other dual boot or Windows Virtual Machine solution) all work fine, but without the Java apploader and/or Desktop manager, and with no data plan, you're going to find it difficult to upgrade and sync your blackberry with your Mac.
    07-01-09 04:44 AM
  8. pasiuk57's Avatar
    I too just got a new mac and have a blackberry bold. I downloaded Pocketmac and tryed to sync phone and new mac. The contacts went through no problem but the calendar, notes and tasks will not sync. I would like to keep the mac with my blackberry as the pc never had issues synching...
    Can anyone help!?
    07-02-09 10:02 AM