1. murrayalex's Avatar
    well, what a hassle I've been having trying to get NewsFlash onto my Curve. I have a work PC on which I installed the Desktop Manager but I cannot get it to recognise my Curve. Oops. Not to worry I thought, I'll try PocketMac on my home imac.
    Nope...it won't install files either for some reason, it will let me sync my contacts but that's all.
    No problem methinks. I'll send an email with the file attached and open it on the Curve. Nope. I can't seem to open the file, there's no option on the Curve to open attachemts?
    Never mind...I'll go onto the web on the Curve and download it there straight to the device. Nope. The file is only available as a zip and when that is downloaded it can't open...is there no zip manager on the curve?
    Last chance saloon...bluetoothing. Jesus, this thing doesn't support File transfer via bluetooth either!!
    Have any of you kind souls got any advice as to how to get this darned file onto my Curve??!! or suggest where I am going wrong with the Desktop Manager PC software?
    08-30-07 02:29 PM
  2. murrayalex's Avatar
    Forget that...
    I uninstalled the desktop software, reinstalled it and changed the setting when reinstalling not to sync with Exchange server and bingo...everything works. What a relief! I can now trf files and backup etc...
    08-31-07 04:10 AM