1. OnTheRadio's Avatar
    After I load a CD into iTunes (macbook user), then to my 8310, how do I get the cover art for the CD onto the phone? Is it automatic? I've already downloaded the album art on to the macbook into iTunes prior to dragging and dropping the music from iTunes into the blackberry.

    Also, for the CD's I've already loaded into the phone, can I load in the cover art?

    05-07-09 07:10 AM
  2. rogo22's Avatar
    I posted this in the other thread in the 83xx section, but will copy/paste here as well just for future info-seekers...

    Once its on the blackberry, you cant do anything except replace the music files... but in iTunes, you just have to select the songs - control+click - get info - and drag your .jpeg,.png,.w/e into the white box labeled album art. If you select one song, it will be under the artwork tab at the top.. if you select multiple (such as all in an album, or all just to have your own custom album art) it will be in the info window that pops up.
    05-07-09 09:34 PM