1. itslinds's Avatar
    I can no longer look up contacts on my Curve 8330; however, it still claims that I have all of my contacts (when I go to "address book > options" it states that I have the correct number of entries) and it recognizes texts messages and phone calls from my contacts. I tried to just re-sync my contacts from my Mac (I have OS 10.4.11) using PocketMac but that did not work (a warning kept coming up that said "skipping"). I noticed that the charging symbol comes in and out when I plug my phone into the USB cable, and it does NOT do that for the wall charger, so I'm thinking that's an issue with the USB cable and not my phone.

    So back to the issue with the contacts...I tried to enter a new address by hand (no syncing or anything) and it wouldn't save; however, the number of entries in my address book did increase. I just can't bring them them on my phone for whatever reason.

    I just did a battery pull and that changed nothing. I've had to do a software update for a while (I can't on my Mac and I keep forgetting to ask to borrow one of my friend's PCs), so after I do the software update will all my address book woes be gone? Or is there anything else going on?
    05-03-09 09:10 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Check your filters.

    Address Book > Menu > Filter > Uncheck all the boxes.
    05-03-09 10:09 PM