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    I just bought a new Mac and need to instll my DM. I bought Windows XP Home and I guess will do it through Bootcamp. Now after all that is done do I just download the DM software and thats it?? I am reading other people say things like .." I downloaded DM through VM or Parallels.." what does that mean?? Don't I just get into windows and then open my DM and go??

    So confused...Thanks!!
    06-25-09 04:40 PM
  2. lilro's Avatar
    Parallels and VM are alternatives to BootCamp. I believe they allow you to run OSX and Windows simultaneously.
    06-25-09 05:11 PM
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    Don't I just get into windows and then open my DM and go??

    I find bootcamp is the easiest way to do bb related things (installing apps/upgrades, things like that, i use os x for moving files back/forth)

    not sure which of your threads is newer, so i'll reply here since ive already started

    do you need help installing DM, or windows? or both maybe? by my quoted part it sounds like you have windows already, but i'll sum up a short version to help out if you/someone needs it

    installing windows: find the boot camp assistant (command + space, type boot camp assistant... should find it by at least the first three letters)
    go thru all those windows, just use the smallest partition it lets you.. 20gb, 30? something like that.
    there may be a screen that lets you restart using your install cd, you can try that. i usually skip that and just restart, and when the gray screen comes up when you hit your power button, hold the option key. then use your arrow keys or mouse and select your windows install disc,

    when you get to the blue screen asking about where to install windows, you need to make sure you select the one with the same size you created earlier, and not touch the smaller 200mb partions, or your mac osx partion. if you went the 20gb route for example, use the one closest to 20gb (i think the blue screen uses MB)

    its also important to delete that partion and after you hit enter, to format it using ntfs. ive had problems with leaving it the way it was, and have always installed windows to ntfs anyway

    this should lead you thru the rest of the windows install stuff, after you get to the main xp screen (background/start bar, all that) then put in your leopard install disc that says windows drivers. this installs a utility that you can pick to keep your mac booting os x, and installs your drivers and stuff.

    now when you start your mac, it will always go to os x partion, unless you hold option at startup, in which case you can pick between your macintosh harddrive and your windows one. (i suppose you can set it to always boot to windows, but then why buy a mac? lol)

    installing DM: once you have that all done, you can go to rim's site and download your blackberry desktop manager and install it like you would any windows software.

    couple things:
    1) if you already had windows installed and just wanted to know about DM, then sorry for the long post lol. its 130 in the AM and i have nothing better to do
    2) if you (or anyone reading this) did need help on the windows installation part, and any part of my "instructions" werent clear, lemme know and i'll elaborate, or someone else will
    4) there is no 3.
    06-26-09 12:38 AM
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    great info..just what I am looking to do today on my daughter's macbook...thanks!!
    07-13-09 08:27 AM
  5. Rayford Booth's Avatar
    VM Fusion works great. No need to run Bootcamp when you can run VM at the same time and get all the same results.
    07-13-09 06:00 PM
  6. lakersfan2416's Avatar
    is there a mobile version of dm or is it only for windows
    07-14-09 06:17 PM
  7. Rayford Booth's Avatar
    There is a DM for the web for BES.
    07-14-09 09:36 PM
  8. MM07's Avatar
    VM Fusion works great. No need to run Bootcamp when you can run VM at the same time and get all the same results.
    I agree. This is how I use Vista and I have no issues whatsoever.
    07-15-09 11:07 AM