1. CrackedOutOfMyBerry's Avatar
    Ok, so with the excitement for the new OS, I was very eager to install RIM's new Mac version of the DM. When I downloaded the .dmg file, and began to install, Im given a warning about other sync applications right at the beginning. It states that if I choose to install this software, that all other applications like Pocketberry, and The Missing Sync, will no longer work!!! Now for the most part, I dont really care, as long as this new DM will do the jobs they do. I currently use The Missing Sync, to sync my text messages, contacts, iCal events etc. Does anyone know if the DM syncs text messages? Thats very important to me. Im concerned bout installing if it really doesn't do much.
    10-02-09 12:52 PM
  2. SaraBear's Avatar
    No on the text messages.
    10-02-09 12:54 PM
  3. CrackedOutOfMyBerry's Avatar
    Personally, have you installed the software on your Mac? If you have any experience with The Missing Sync? Would you say there IS any point in making the change to Blackberry's DM?
    10-02-09 12:58 PM
  4. bc2mc3's Avatar
    I have downloaded new DM, and did have Missing Sync. Missing Sync sometimes worked syncing my calendars, but often got them messed up. However, new DM is NOT syncing my calendars at all. I am getting error message...For help resolving this issue, refer to KB19454 in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Knowledge Base. It says it is a problem "that we are aware but don't know when it will be fixed!" I was really looking forward to being able to sync calendars seamlessly (without the hassles of MS) but it won't download them at all. SO, now I'm not sure whether I should just uninstall DM until issue gets fixed or whether someone else has had this problem and figured it out
    10-05-09 05:48 PM
  5. CrackedOutOfMyBerry's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, while you had the DM installed, were u able to see if MissingSync still worked, in anyway, phone call history and text messages even?
    10-05-09 05:55 PM
  6. bc2mc3's Avatar
    No, once you install DM, Missing Sync does not work. I can pull it up but it tells me it won't work until I unistall DM
    10-05-09 06:05 PM