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    I just got a BB Tour. I told Verizon I used a Mac and wanted to be able to import my existing data from my Palm Tungsten E2 Calender, Address Book/Contacts, Memos (all Palm stuff, no third party apps.I had reconciled myself I could not use Pocket Quicken or HanDBase. They told me it would not be a problem with the Palm stuff with PocketMac. I have worked with it all day and it is a problem. I have also downloaded BB Desktop Manager. I have spent all day and am nowhere. I can't even find anyone to pay to do it. The latest seems to be that I need Entourage.
    I hate to spend $150 for something I will use once and may not work. When I have a block of time I may see if the trial version will work. When I try it, I guess I need to import the data into Entourage. I'm embarassed but what do I import it into, a Spreadsheet? And where is the data? Is it in the Palm Backup folder? Unless I don't see it (kind of tired) I don't see conduits called Contacts Date Book and Memos. Thanks for any help or wisdom you have to offer.
    09-28-09 06:46 PM
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    You've probably just used the Palm Desktop app? There should be databases stored on the Mac, in the Palm Desktop. The trick is getting those into the Berry.

    Do you have access to a Windows machine, even a friend with one? You can also bootcamp into a Windows partition, or use a virtualization software like VMwareFusion or Parallels, and run Windows just long enough to get this done.

    In WINDOWS, you will need to sync the Palm. Use Outlook as the default PIM handler.

    Then use DM for WINDOWS and use the Device Switch Wizard to import your Palm Data onto the Berry.

    Until there's a better DM for Mac, I don't see another workaround for this, as I'm clueless with databases, their formats, and how to get them into the Berry in a format your Berry can use.

    You could also try the demo for Missing Sync, at least to get your info over.
    09-28-09 07:08 PM
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    Thanks. Yes I'm using the Desktop App, trying to find where Data resides. If I find someone with a Windows machine, would I need both machines or just the Windows and my Palm? Then, do I install BB Desktop manager?
    09-29-09 05:23 AM
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    I thought out what you were saying about having a Windows machine. Please let me know if I'm correct. Go to the Windows machine, Install Palm software (I guess I guess it woldn't sync without). Sync Palm to Windows computer. Use Setup Wizard to import to BB. Then sync with PocketMac to my Mac. I presume once that is done, I have no need for Outlook or Entourage for future syns?

    Also I thought I heard SetupWizard had a way to take Palm data directly. I guess you would have the Palm and the BB connected to the computer and let Setup Wizard guide you?
    Thanks again
    09-29-09 06:50 AM
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    You will need the Windows machine (with Desktop Manager/Windows installed as well as Palm Desktop). Sync with Palm Desktop, then use the Device Switch Wizard in BB DM to move that info over.
    You will need the Palm first, then the BB to be plugged in.

    Anybody else? Any idea where the PIM data is stored, when using Palm Desktop and Mac?
    09-29-09 06:51 AM
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    Clarification please. If I use a Windows machine, install Palm software, install BB software, sync Palm and use set up Wizard to import Palm data. I will have it on my BB, but no backup on my Mac. To have a backup and be able to input data from my Mac I need Enourage? Please clarify or confirm.
    09-30-09 07:07 PM
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    Once you get your stuff over to the BB, you're in the same boat as the rest of us. Waiting for the promised DM for Mac, which is supposed to be released within the next few days.

    There *is* a leaked version out, which works well for some of us, and is a total disaster for some. YMMV, but I'd wait for the "official" to drop.

    I don't use nor have ever used Entourage, so I'm no help there, I'm afraid.

    EDIT: There is also the GoogleSync workaround. You can sync your contacts/iCal to Google/Gmail, then use the BB software GoogleSync to sync to that.
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    10-01-09 07:17 AM