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    OK so the BB software imports the songs from iTunes without a hitch but now won't play most of the songs because the media played is of an "unsupported format" .. sigh.. so now I suppose Ihave to get the songs out of the BB so I can start the laborious task of importing CD by CD ...but (i) how do I remove all the songs form the BB? the BB software doesn't seem to offer that choice and (ii) is it really not possible for 8520 to play iTunes formatted songs??!!

    thanks anyone...
    04-10-10 01:24 AM
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    Yes of course, put in your sd card for deleting all your musics! And you can find a soft-ware which can play the format of media you want! Good luck, have anyone have other opinion?

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    04-10-10 02:18 AM
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    Hmmm... My blackberry has no problems playing or syncing any songds that I imported from iTunes.

    The easiest way for me to add or remove a large number of files at once is to take the microSD card out of the phone and plug it into my computer (a lot of computers don't have sd cards so you may need to buy a cheap universal media card reader, probably about $10) and jusrt delete (or drag files into) the music folder that's on your SD card.

    Sorry I can't be much help, but I really don't understand why your BB won't play your itunes files, that doesn't make much sense.

    Do you have the latest software update installed on your phone? Maybe earlier versions don't support as many file formats? Just a thought that might make sense of this......?

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    04-10-10 02:25 AM
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    unsupported format?

    are you trying to put ALAC or m4p (purchased, DRM) music on your phone?

    go into itunes setting for importing & change the encoder to mp3 or AAC (for importing music off CD).

    you don't really need to take card out of the phone, plugging it in to USB is the same thing - the phone becomes card reader. you can still drag & drop stuff if you don't wanna do the itunes playlist sync.
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    04-10-10 03:54 AM