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    I just got my first iMac yesterday and am wondering....I'd like to use Microsoft "Outlook" as my email program because I get headaches with the other programs and have heard good things about Outlook. Does Microsoft 'Outlook' work well on a Mac?
    Also, I plan to sync my BB curve on my PC laptop....can I call up my Outlook in that computer and do the sync with my BB there instead of on the iMac?
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    11-29-08 02:13 PM
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    it s called entourage for mac. i got my macbook yesterday , i am working on it right now.. finger crossed
    11-30-08 05:20 PM
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    Congratulations on switching to the Mac!

    I went from using Windows to Mac. This is my experience with BlackBerry.

    I found it extremely difficult to sync with Microsoft Entourage. Installing additional plugins, jumping through hoops, etc were involved in setting up Entourage. Now, I find using iCal a lot easier than syncing with Entourage. This is the best setup I have found for Mac and BlackBerry, no wires are even needed!

    Calendar: iCal. Google calendar will sync with iCal, and google calendar will sync wirelessly with bb
    Tasks: either iCal or RMT (Remember the Milk, you have to pay $25 to sync wirelessly over the network with your bb, but it is way worth it!)
    Email: IMAP server

    I don't have a need to sync notes, if I need a note on the computer, I just email it to myself and download it that way.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions on how to set it up, PM me
    12-02-08 08:47 AM
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    so, on my side it was very easy to sync my bold with pocket mac and entourage . everything sync , the only thing that didn t sync was the picutres attached with the contacts. did anyone succed to get the picutres attached to the contact by syncing form the bold to the entourage?

    beside that , yes its totaly diferent than windows but i dont miss it at all.
    i just hope that blackbery will finaly launch the DM for mac in order for us to do some updates, a proper sync and also very important backup the phone
    12-02-08 10:09 PM
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    I am a BIS Mac user

    I am used to Ical, Mac Mail & Contacts

    I am getting the feeling I should perhaps move over to BES to get everything in sync on my BB and on my Mac laptop..

    But that means dumping iCal (and I spent a year persuading my wife to ditch move over to Mac and ditch Outlook / Entourage )

    It will cost me an extra 40 ($80) per month to make the move the BES..

    Perhaps I could make do with PocketMac and some well featured IMAP email?

    That way I could keep the family's iCal diaries ??? And avoid Entourage?

    Any experienced overviews?

    At present to get my Laptop and Ical calendars synced - I have to do a manual USB cable sync and although it DOES sync I am getting error messages and issues with deleted entries having to be confirmed (kinda driving me crazy to be honest)

    The server based BES might be able to grab / subscribe to my wifes DAVCal / iCal feed..?

    I am a sucker for a gadget - if it works and saves me time - I have no shame paying for it!

    Love to hear from any other Mac users that made the jump from BIS to BES and from Mac calendar, Mail & contact applications to Entourage to make it all work.

    Any regrets? Things that don't work as advertised? Hidden issues?

    Many thanks in advance..
    12-03-08 08:22 AM