1. csiguy1's Avatar
    If I start with a brand new Bold Touch and want to sync all of my 1500 contacts, calendar, and emails with my Mac, how do I do that? Does it work well or do you have to fight it all of the time? Where could I get step by step details to get this done. I like my iPhone but LOVE my BBs.
    05-20-11 01:03 AM
  2. rob7100g's Avatar
    Gmail. It will sync calendar, contacts and let you search emails on the remote server. And on your Mac you can sync Gmail with iCal, Address Book and Mail.app.
    05-20-11 03:57 AM
  3. CUNAZ's Avatar
    Depends upon what applications you use, which services you use and how you wish to sync.
    By default on a MAC:
    - use Desktop Manager for MAC to syncronize all of your contacts, calendars, notes and tasks. You can even sync music, pictures and video. To synronize mail, you configure your BIS account, through email setup, to point to the same e-mail server as your iMail, Entrourage client.
    Utilization of Desktop Manger on a MAC is USB only. This is the one drawback and frankly is a dissapointment in this day and age.

    If you want to go cable-less:
    - Address Book can be configured to syncronize with Google mail contacts.
    - Email. Same as above, i.e. point BIS to your e-mail server. Google for ex.
    - Tasks and Notes will not syncronze. There is no existing appllication that I have found that will do this.
    - For iCal I use a utility called Spanning Sync to syncronize my various Calendars with Google.
    All of the above is a bit of work to get configured correctly, and in the end gives me BES llike funcionality. On the phone side, you can use the GMail configuration options w/in BIS to syncronize between Google and your phone or use Google Sync appllication which allows for mulitple calendars.

    There are other cable-less syncronization solutions, like Missing Sync. Missing Sync performs exactly like Desktop Manger but uses BlueTooth rather than a USB cable.
    05-20-11 02:21 PM