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    Many of us here have fallen victim to the latest update on iCal for MobileMe users, which moved the calendar from the Mac to a cloud, and in doing so prevented BB DM syncing with iCal as it can't sync with the MobileMe cloud. (The work around for me was to create a local calendar and continue syncing with this, but this gives me my calendar on one Apple device only where as historically it synced seamlessly across the two I have.)

    Now though Apple has announced the iCloud, which will see all the services we typically sync between a BB and a Mac move to the cloud. So will this be the end of syncing Contacts, Notes etc as well as the iCal we have already lost? Or will RIM come up with a way of accessing Apple's cloud for syncing?

    Nothing will happen for a few months yet, but come the end of June next year when MobileMe is switched off for good I for one hope a fix has been written in.

    Anyone have any information?
    06-07-11 03:21 AM
  2. ADGrant's Avatar
    Why not use google calendar?
    07-07-11 03:31 PM
  3. PHughes's Avatar
    Why not use google calendar?
    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Why if you have two devices in the same room, is it necessary to sync it by putting all your data, which is actually private, on somebody else's computer at a remote location, then sync the devices to that? Am I the only one who finds this a bit retarded? I don't want my information stored on someone else's computer. I like the current system of syncing my Blackberry to my Mac perfectly fine. It's amazing, I plug the Blackberry into the Mac, hit sync and voila, my data is synced! No third party computers required. It works.

    I'm sorry but my personal data is my personal data, I will not be storing it on someone else's computer, especially not Google's.
    07-10-11 12:07 AM
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    Kinda sorta falls into the realm of Jobs' thinking of "sell iPods and only synch to iTunes, and people will logically buy more Macs" thinking...only for the iPhone.

    Alas, the battle to be THE ecosystem will ultimately doom the consumer's privacy. Luck willing, RIM will always provide >A< route to locally synch for PC, Mac and Linux platforms, at least. It won't have to be pretty, RIM. It'll just have to work. (We've dealt w/doofy on-phone PIMs long enough to forgive you that in the aesthetics dept.) NOT doing so and forcing people to choose ease of synch to actual phone is likely to end badly.

    Personally, I've also got a healthy distrust of anyone looking to round-up my data (who in turn sells metrics or ads directly as a profit stream) and like to keep it simple and local. Yes. I can be hacked, I understand that. Yes, I also know I'm not so important a target that people would spend such time coming for my goods. I also know we're ultimately screwed when privacy policies are 15pp in 8pt font size, single spaced, so asking to keep off those legalese gymnastics alone seems reason enough to be able to swing the local synch, now and forever.

    RIM... Please???

    Still waiting on the 99xx...
    07-10-11 12:39 AM