1. NomadontheGo's Avatar
    So I have published the desired iCalendars with iCal Exchange and subscribed Google Calendar to them. I've also added my Google Calendar to my iCal successfully. I have downloaded GoogleSync to my Blackberry 8900 as well.

    Problem: the iCals do not show up on Blackberry calendar. Those calendars which are original to Google do show up, so obviously the Sync is working, but the iCals which are displaying as read-only on Google do not sync with Blackberry (they are set as public accessible).

    I can't find any way to make the iCal fully integrate into Google, other than to upload it as a file, however, that would not provide automatic syncing capability between changes made on the desktop and Google. Suggestions?
    05-16-11 05:06 PM
  2. CUNAZ's Avatar
    Are your iCal calendars one-to-one with your Google calendars? Example: work->work, personal->personal?

    I use iCal exclusively for all of my entry. My iCal knows nothing about Google. I use an application called Spanning Sync that allows me to denote which calendars to syncronize. I then use GSync on the BB to denote which Google calendars I want to sync to the phone.
    05-16-11 06:32 PM