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    Hi there,
    I will try and make this short.
    I recently went over from windows to an imac.....loaded up BB desktop manager for mac.
    Then did the intial sync and it took ages then a SYNC ALEET came up saying that it wanted to change more than 25% of the data, which hwen viewd it wanted to change about nearly all of my 3000 calendar entries but it had a BEFORE and AFTER view of the changes it was going to make and the only thing I could see that was different was (I think from memory) was it wanted to change the intial profile of the data field to GENERAL.While looking on screen at the before and after the body of text for a calendar entry was the exact same but it was just a minimal change on the data filed.......anyway, I choose ACCEPT and it then synced fine and now synce fine.
    BUT I still would like to know why this happened? Is it something to do with the mac truth database sync services that needs to change something on the blackberry to make it read by the mac and has anyone else had this problem as I have searched on google for ages and have found nothing on this issue.
    Any helps or thoughts would be great.
    All the best,
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