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    To Preface:
    I started a new thread because there are too many out there for me to post this in and I had little time to knock this out. I went through and followed MarkSpaces instructions to the letter with no luck, then went through their support site and followed those instructions to the letter. After all of that I found that this is what worked.

    I have an 8330 running .131 with a new Macbook running 10.5.

    My issues were:
    -Calendar events disappeared from iCal on first sync.
    -Calendar events if made in iCal would again disappear and be fine on BB.
    -Was not even getting the pop up from Missing Sync that "syncing calendar would change % of your calendar" message.

    My fix:
    -Go into Options>Advanced Options>Applications>Scroll to Missing Sync>Press Blackberry/Menu Button>choose Edit Permissions>Change all Permissions to "Allow

    -Go into Options>Media Card>Make sure that your Mass Storage Mode Support is "On"

    I know these are very simple steps but my issues mirror many peoples issues and now that I took these steps my calendars syn seamlessly. I hope it works for the rest of you!! Good Luck.
    07-06-09 06:37 AM