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    I just had the most fun time upgrading my Storm using the only Windows computer in the house, a crappy old HP that is covered in agelines and has flakey USB ports.

    I probably should've aborted the second time that BDM told me to check the connection between the phone and the computer about five minutes later, but alas I continued, causing two medium-major problems: It was unable to copy applications from the device (it asked me to continue and I intended to hit cancel, but the trackpad glitched at that exact moment causing me to hit continue and beyond the point of no return) causing all of the applications to be wiped, and it lost the connection for good while reinstalling files.
    So far it boots up, but everything seems to be reset to when I got it.

    yay. I spent like five days getting everything to my liking.

    ****, I would be happy if they just made a generic *.jar file to allow for Linux users to upgrade their devices.
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