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    I'm not sure that this is the most popular question asked, but I figured I would post it up here for any new users with a mac trying to get tethering without spending $50 on TetherBerry.

    Plus this way uses blue-tooth as well, so keep it right in your pocket.

    **This is the exact steps for a TELUS 9630, but should work for any carrier as long as you find what you need to fill in for step 6, part iii and iv.**

    1. Click 'System Preferences', then the 'Bluetooth' icon.
    2. Click the '+' on the bottom left to add a new bluetooth device.
    3. Click 'Continue', then 'Mobile Phone' and let it search.
    4. Click on your device and click 'Continue'
    5. Click 'Continue', then make sure "Access the internet with you phone's data connection" is checked, then click 'Continue'.
    6. Fill in fields as follows:
    i. Phone Vendor: au by KDDI
    ii. Phone Model: cdmaOne Bluetooth
    iii. Username: (leave blank for telus, google for other carriers)
    iv. Password: (leave blank for telus, google for other carriers)
    v. Phone Number: #777 (this should work for most carriers)
    7. Click 'Continue' and then 'Quit'

    Set-up is done!

    Now to use it as a modem:
    1. Go to 'System Preferences'
    2. Click 'Network'
    3. Click Bluetooth in the left menu bar
    4. You should see the phone number (#777), username, and password there. Click connect.

    It will now connect via bluetooth and use your Tour as a modem.

    Internet anywhere!

    Hope this works for most of you.

    07-24-09 10:23 PM