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    1. Go to Windows Applications Seamlessly Integrated on Mac OS X - Mac Windows - CodeWeavers and install the program CrossOver

    2. When you open the program click "CrossOver Software Installer".

    3. Click Install Unsupported Software

    4. Click continue after reading the information if you want.

    5. Choose to install to a new bottle then click "Create Bottle and Continue"

    I always name the bottle after the OS I'm installing so for example i would name it "Tour191" for my Tour running OS

    You need to create a new "Bottle" for everytime that you install/use a different OS other wise the program will say it couldnt install the program

    6. After clicking create the program will say its "creating a bottle" just give it a few moments.

    7. Click on choose the option that says "Choose Installer File..." then click install. Select the OS you want to install.

    8. After that it will start taking you through the OS installation. Just keep clicking next through all of the screens until you get to the part where it loads the OS. Dont worry about selecting the country as the drop box doesnt work.

    9. After the installation, say finish and close the program.

    10. Go to Macintosh HD> Your Name> Library> Application Support> CrossOver> Bottles.

    From there you should see the list of "Bottles" that you have created. Go to the one you made so mine would be "Tour191". Then go Drive_C > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Shared > Loader Files.

    11. Copy the files from the JAVA folder into the OS folder thats in the Mac DM OS Folder. Also go to the CDMA folder and grab the .SFI file as well.

    I generally create a separate folder to copy the .sfi file and .COD files into. that way i still have a copy of them when i drag them to the Mac DM folder.

    Then go through the rest of the process to load the files.
    10-13-09 10:35 AM
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    The CDMA part is only for Storm users, yes?
    10-13-09 09:36 PM
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    I'm guessing anyone on a CDMA device. There might be another folder if your on a GSM phone I can't tell you because I don't have a GSM phone

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    10-13-09 10:12 PM