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    Currently I am using a G1 and all of my contacts are stored under my Gmail account online. I saw an app that will sync the iphone w/ gmail but it costs like 99 cents.. not that its a huge deal, but i'd rather not pay for something simple.. is there an easier way to do so or am I just hallucinating?
    03-15-09 02:25 AM
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    google sync, i believe is free, search for it on in the app store. You can use it to sync google contacts and calender entries between you phone and gmail. check out the link, its in beta, but what isn't a beta at google?!

    Google Mobile - Sync
    03-15-09 07:36 AM
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    with google sync on the iphone, you set up this specific microsoft exchange account.

    Like this:

    make sure that you allow contacts and calendar if you want to sync. the mail function doesnt work yet.
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    03-15-09 07:54 AM
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    Ohh I wish I could get a iPhone... ATT is just the suck where I live.
    03-15-09 04:01 PM