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    I have a blackberry curve 8330 for verizon. Pocketmac sync keeps coming up with the sync error: skipping message. I have looked through threads on here, and virtually everybody says you should get the driver update. I have mac os x 10.2.7, thus the new driver isn't compatible with my operating system. Is there a way to fix the sync error without updating the driver?
    01-04-09 07:13 PM
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    Please do not make duplicate or cross posts. Make only one post in the most relevant forum. If you post to an incorrect forum, contact a mod to have the post moved to the appropriate forum. Your first thread already has a reply.

    01-04-09 07:18 PM
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    well i obviously posted in the wrong forum earlier thatss why i posted in this one. Should i still ask the mod to change it to this forum?
    01-04-09 07:31 PM