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    Hey everyone,

    Seems like every guide on here is for Windows people so thought I'd make one for us Mac users. Credit to mattsh33 for creating the Windows guide which some of this is referenced from.

    You need 2 free apps to do this:

    -Mac the Ripper
    -Handbrake for Mac

    Copy both apps to your application folder or wherever you keep your apps.

    1) Launch Mac the Ripper it will scan your DVD:

    2) Click the large GO button, it will pop open a window asking where you want to save your movie:

    3) I'm using Scooby Doo as an example here. Mac the ripper will extract the DVD to your hard drive:

    4) Next launch Handbrake. It will immediately pop open asking you to open your file. Browse to the location you saved the movie in, and then to the VIDEO_TS folder and click open:

    5) From here choose Browse, you can then select where you want to save the file. Click the button Toggle Presets to open the preset window on the right. Choose iPhone and iPod Touch:

    6) Under average bitrate, change it to around 500, you may want to use less as 500 is still really high quality on the Storm. You should be able to do 300 or so. Click the option iPod 5G support:

    (Note 500 for bit rate hasn't been entered in the shot above)

    7) Choose the audio tab, under source you can pick the language. I chose French as I study French hence the Scooby Doo Mixdown should be Stereo, and bitrate 64kbps (not shown).

    8) Click Start. To see the progress click Show Queue:

    9) It will take awhile depending on your processor but when complete it will pop up:

    That's basically it! My video here was about 670mb but again you can lower the bit rate or play around with it. Please let me know if you need any help. In the example above it is a cartoon but looks amazing on my storm, especially since I'm used to watching horrible YouTube videos on it!

    *Update. This also works for DIVX just open the DIVX file into the application instead of the VIDEO_TS folder. I took a DIVX video I downloaded, and instead said limit to 300mb and it's crystal clear as well.
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    02-23-09 08:32 AM
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    thanks..gonna try this
    02-25-09 08:12 AM
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    Thanks for the info. Very helpful. There is a forum devoted entirely to Mac users. Maybe this should be moved there?
    02-25-09 08:53 AM
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    Glad someone finally commented was thinking this was a waste! It's really easy, I find the easiest is to play in handbrake and instead pick what size you want the output file to me. I downloaded a Divx and said make it 300mb and it looks great on the storm. The scooby doo DVD I did in this example above I instead chose the 500kbps and the file was 600mb or so but the quality was amazing.
    02-25-09 11:00 AM
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    I am converting dvd right now. Its been running over an hour and its only 3/4 done. I guess it takes as long as the movie runs to convert it.
    02-25-09 01:18 PM
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    It will depend on the speed of your system, how much memory etc. Mine took about an hour to do over 2 hours of video so all depends. It's normal though nothing specific to make or whatever. Also I think the more compressed you make it the longer it takes since it's converting more and compressing.
    02-25-09 04:18 PM
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    leemoreau - what version of Mac The Ripper are you using? 2.6.6 or 3?
    03-21-09 12:56 PM
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    2.6.6 see the first screenshot, but that was the most current version at the time of writing. I just downloaded it from their site, if there's a newer one I'd prob have got that one.
    03-22-09 10:02 AM
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    Thanks. I was playing around with this yesterday, and it worked great. I'm going to use this method from now on ... simple, easy, free, and excellent results ... I downloaded Sin City to my Storm, and it looks awesome.

    I had a problem with The Dark Knight, though. MTR 2.6.6 couldn't seem to get past the dvd encryption.

    This post was very helpful. Thanks again.
    03-22-09 11:17 AM