1. crackberry-Jackie's Avatar
    Does anyone have a Mac Computer that downloaded music onto their verizon bb8830??? I can't figure out how to do it.
    10-01-07 11:56 AM
  2. katiiegm's Avatar
    I have not downloaded music from my MAC but I have transferred Audible books. I connect my BB to my Mac with Pocket Mac. When it opens it asks if I want to enable Mass media storage - if you say NO you never see the BB on your Mac. BUT if you answer Yes, then the BB appears in Finder tight under the Mac HD. Then you just drag the music or audible file to the icon for the BB and it starts to transfer the file. Very simple, once you figure out how to see the BB on the Mac. it took me quite a while. Good luck!
    10-01-07 09:13 PM
  3. Heckler's Avatar
    I've done it two ways.

    1) Make sure to format the SD card using the BB. Then remove it, put it in a card reader, then drag & drop the songs to the card into the "music" folder the BB created.

    2) Used the Markspace program for Mac / BB. This method has been used with varying success. Hope this helps.
    10-01-07 11:18 PM
  4. jazz110's Avatar
    As an experiment I dragged and dropped on set of songs from one album from iTunes to the mounted BB 8830 media card. The file and the song came along, but not the artist or any other info.

    I'd really like to pair this up with a Motorola S9 and a bigger media card so I can have some music while on the go (and take calls).

    What am I doing wrong? I have Missing Sych on my work machine, but not a second Mac where I store my music at home. So I need a simple drag and drop method if possible.
    10-07-07 06:30 PM