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    My phone is constantly rebooting and I need to reload OS 5 on a verizon based 9530

    I have loaded blackberry desktop manager for mac but it wont recognize my phone, the program is idling at: waiting for phone to connect. The phone will never connect since it error 503 and reboots.

    What do I need to do to reload the OS on my storm using a mac? Please be descriptive as I am a pc guy whose only option is a Mac.

    Ugh... Another reason why pc > mac. Every app out there is exe based and not dmg.

    I have my phonebook and a months worth of info on a phone that wont boot so any non destructive option is definitely welcome.
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    Unfortunately it is harder to write apps for a Mac... and sadly to say, i dont think you can recover a bricked BB from a mac. Since you need to get hat the ROM chip level or whatever the OS runs on. You will need a program like BBSAK to go in and put on a new os. I bricked my Storm on a Mac and got a gray screen that said "no OS installed" so I took it to Verizon and they sent me a new one. Since then I bought a windoze laptop on ebay and have hosed the thing several times mucking around installing a hybrid or some OS update. But with BBSAK you can get it back to life.

    Us mac users are happy just finally have DM to play with anyway. Oh, and another thing, if you try to put a shrunken os in your folder on the mac, it will download the rest of the files and install them too. If you unhook the internet, then DM wont even update.
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    If you have a friend that has a PC, then burn the windows BB DM and installer for BBSAK on a cd and take it over to use on their computer. It wont take very long. And if you want the daddy of OS's, also get Shrink A Os. Oh, and dont forget to download the exe for the system you want to put on. I am running the .419 on my Verizon phone with no problems. If you dont have a friend with a PC and u can go without your phone for a few days I can put an OS on there for you (Most likely, if it isnt hosed down that bad)
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    I had the same issue when I tried upgrading to .328. I did it back when Verizon officially released it. I kept getting the errors and ended up downgrading back to the OS I originally had. What I noticed is that 1) DM for Mac had a difficult time going from 4.7 to 5.0 and 2) when I would leave my phone connected to the Mac, after five minutes or so DM for Mac would recognize the device and ask if I want to load an OS. I eventually had to use a PC to get to 5.0, but I believe RIM has updated DM for Mac since then and most likely it has corrected whatever was going on to where going from 4.7 to 5.0 wasn't happening. Go over to the Mac Users section of the forum. There is a thread that gives detailed steps on how to upgrade on a Mac.

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