1. Jeffreys's Avatar
    Title self explanatory really, how do I get my contacts from my BlackBerry curve 8900 to my address book app on my Apple MacBook? I have Pocket Sync Manager and an SD card. Please help :-)
    09-06-09 05:28 PM
  2. bigjayLLC's Avatar
    u can use pocketmac (available from BlackBerry - BlackBerry for Mac )

    DesktopMgr for the mac is on the way in a couple weeks....hopefully

    i have been using MissingSync to sync my blackberry to my mac...but its not free...

    PocketMac will be your best and free option...any help needed, just reply back
    09-06-09 06:30 PM
  3. bigjayLLC's Avatar
    Also, our neighborhood is this way ==> http://forums.crackberry.com/f62/
    09-06-09 06:31 PM
  4. Jeffreys's Avatar
    But it aint putting the contacts from thr BB to the Adress book for some reason, I have the sync manager etc, it just aint working.
    09-08-09 02:39 PM
  5. fatboy97's Avatar
    Check out the Mac Users forum.
    09-08-09 03:49 PM