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    How about a sticky for the DM sync issues we mac users struggle with? I've counted 14 threads started on this subject alone in the last four weeks.

    Like others, my frustration runs deep with this issue. Love it when "upgraded" software, like our fine mac DM, is buggier than the version it replaces Used to be a time, being a long time mac user, I'd overlook a lot of software issues because of being in a so-called niche market.

    After awhile, workarounds get old, and, to paraphrase an old saying, have me looking at other pastures to see if they might be "greener." One's loyalty can be tested only so many times before deal breakers with other platforms don't look so bad.

    Hey, you folks in Waterloo, Canada, don't drive us loyal BB users away with crapware!
    06-16-10 12:12 PM