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    Hey guys! I searched the forums before asking this so hopefully it hasn't already been addressed. I'm having issues with my email syncing properly in the "Mail" program of the Mac using Hotmail and it syncing correctly with my Storm. Before anyone asks I do have the Hotmail Plus or whatever it is called where you pay the $20 a year. I got my Macbook for Christmas so it may be user error in my part with never owning a Mac before (which by the way is an awesome piece of machinery!! I don't think I could go back to a PC). Anyway lol, when I delete Hotmail messages using their website it syncs fine and deletes the messages off my Storm. But when I delete the messages using the Mail program it doesn't delete them off my phone. I downloaded something I found off google to use with the Mail program so that I could use my Hotmail account with it? I'm assuming that for some reason the Mail program and my phone are not talking to each other? Anyone have this same problem or know how I might be able to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!
    01-06-09 09:15 AM
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    Ill check and see.. You want mail to delete from your device when youbdelete from the computer then?

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    01-06-09 09:20 AM
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    Yes and vice versa if possible?!
    01-06-09 09:28 AM
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    You can delete from device and delete from your inbox FROM your BB.. But you cannot delete from BB folder via your computer...
    01-07-09 01:15 PM