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    Ok, here is what happened. I got all excited to download the new mac software, so I did. Everything installed and all seems good to go. I plugged in my Curve 8330, and everything worked like it should have. Because I was running the previous software, it also wanted to update the OS and such. I click yes and all looks good. After about 40 minutes of it updating and not doing a thing, I hit cancel and it stops. Check out the phone, all is good.

    I click the update button and start the process up again. It gets all the way through it and when it is over, restarts and an alert pops up telling me there is no OS on the phone and that it suggests putting on whatever the newest one is (Sorry, I don't remember the number). CRAP!!! OK, it must know what its doing, so start installing the new OS and restoring all the stuff.

    The phone is now up and running and seems to work..however, A LOT of things are missing. For example, all of my 3rd party apps are gone. Fine, I can download those again, go to click on the browser, NOT THERE!!! FRICK. I click on a link in an email and an error message pops up that says "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser on your device". Ok, I can't do that right now because I am an add on to an account and the person who is "in charge" of my account is about 8 states away. I will try tomorrow to call and see what happens, but who knows. Along with no browser, no BBM, or a few of the other things that came with the BB..

    Other than calling Verizon tomorrow AM, any thoughts on this one?? This ever happen to anyone else when they tried to update or is it just because there have been so many problems with the new mac software?

    The sad thing is I wasn't even going to sync with anything. I just wanted to charge my phone and play around with the new DM and see what it was all about....and now its all been screwed up.

    Thanks in advance..
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    You can login to the BIS site from your computer and resend your service books from there. I'm not able to post links, but if you search google for "vzw bis", it should be the first link listed. After you login, click "Help" and you should see the "Send Service Books" button.
    10-05-09 12:16 AM
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    If you cant get into the BIS site go to MENU - OPTIONS - ADVANCED - HOST ROUTING TABLE and once in there hit the BB key and choose "Register".

    It will push the service books to you. All the items you mentioned (Browser, SMS/MMS icon, BBM, etc) are enabled by the Service Books.
    10-05-09 04:50 AM
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    Thank you both, but I have already tried that several times. It did get me the browser but nothing else. Still missing things like bbm, maps and calendar just to name a few that I really noticed.

    I will try and few other things. Hopefully I can get this figured out.

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