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    Hey guys so I've spent a lot of time searching the forum on help with this but still have lots of questions. I left the country for school a few months ago and just got my Storm up and running since I had to wait for my contract in the US to expire before I could activate it. Because of that, I am very behind in the crackberry world! Ok so here are my questions...
    1. Can I install directly onto I've read that you have to download in onto .191 but I also read that .191 is horrible.
    2. I've read that you can download an OS on a Mac by using Parallels, which I already have, but I've also heard this is not safe to do. Which is it?
    3. Can I just install .230 using the the Crucial_Xtreme's instructions "How to Upgrade/Downgrade your Operating System"?
    4. Is .230 the best version out there? Or are there better hybrids?'
    5. Any really great apps that have come out in the past few months that I should know about?
    Please take it easy on me I've been out of the Blackberry world lately and need to get up to date!
    10-10-09 09:47 PM
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    I had Parallels 3.0 and I could never get it to work...

    You can try...but since you already have windows I would recommend to use bootcamp. Bootcamp works flawless for OS loads and everything Blackberry.

    I would advise you to use bootcamp.

    Yes you can install .230 directly over .148 using CX's guide. What you refer to where you had to install .191 was before we had the full .230 leak.....that stuff is no longer necessary.

    Yes .230 is the latest and greatest if you want to go to 5.0..there are some bugs and incompatibility issue for apps but most people think it's the greatest thing to ever happen to the 9530.
    .167 is the latest and greatest 4.7 leak for 9530...if you don't use themes it is a big improvement over VZW .148
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    10-10-09 10:28 PM