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    I have an Imac & use missing sync for my blackberry pearl, so mac syncs with entourage calendar through ical . Twice Ical -which operates in the background - has wiped my entourage calendar clean (that's for another thread). It automatically creates new calendars and sometimes doubles up on recurring events. I think I've fixed some of that.

    Right now my problem is, that just happened again, and now it won't sync with entourage & i get the following message:

    you referenced the following records (in a relationship) but did not actually push them: (00000101,00000057)

    what the h** does that mean?

    p.s. I haven't updated yet to new blackberry software that came out 10/31. gotta borrow my daughter's PC to do it.
    11-18-08 10:23 AM
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    Went digging a little deeper on this awesome forum and solved my problem...simply went to "help" in missing sync and "reset history". worked like a charm....thank you!!!!!!!
    11-18-08 02:17 PM