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    why does my phone only sync 2 email addresses when some contacts of mine have 5 or more. They are in my OS x addy book but BB seems to pic 2 random ones. And that's all I get. This things supposed to be the end all for email. What's the deal?

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    11-23-09 04:24 PM
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    Also while we are at it. I can only do comp to BB syncs that over write. if I do a two way it changes. Deletes and messes up stuff on my computer. I can deal with one way sync but o figured I'd ask this at the same time.

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    11-23-09 04:27 PM
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    unfortunately apple and RIM are two different companies (that are actually competitors)...the field maps are not identical, so it can only sync what it can read/understand based on its field map. There are very few (read no) cross platform/company field maps that are completely compatible...like entourage, outlook, google...etc. I do not have the syncing issues you describe, but you have not provided any information to help diagnose the issue.
    11-23-09 05:08 PM
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    sorry, posted from phone. was being brief. i have one contact, that has 3 emails. 2 for home. it only selects one home email of the two. so i only get 2 of the three.

    i have another with 4 and it seems to be only syncing once again 2 of the 4.

    the common thing in these is that in these 2 cases it seems to be whatever 2 are listed first in my address book.

    but why wont it just take them all, they dont have any special or custom labels.

    now the other issue, as far as a 2 way sync. it wants to change, remove or entirely delete multiple contacts every time i sync. so i can only do one was sync. but what really sucks is it give me a read only error and wont let me edit them on the phone. say i want to change the pic for a contact on the phone . . cant do it. have to do it on the computer.
    11-23-09 09:24 PM